StoneBuy&Sell was founded by a team of Stone Specialists boasting decades of experience in the Stone industry. Our cumulated experience - at various levels and on various continents - is rooted at the core of our enterprise. Every single member of staff derives their knowledge from the field and has - prior to the creation of StoneBuy&Sell - been involved in either of these sectors: Stone manufacturing, Stone Import & Export, Distribution, Wholesale, or Retail business. This compounded and comprehensive knowledge gives us a prime position to understand and respond to the challenges our clients are faced with on a daily basis.

We know well from experience that Stone companies need to spend fortunes to advertise their products and services, in Magazines or Trade Fairs, while these often yield meager results. The reason is simple: you can only reach a limited number of prospects every time. There are inborn limitations as to the number of prospective Buyers or Sellers you can reach due to the nature of those events or venues.

The World Wide Web has no such limitations.

At StoneBuy&Sell, we have integrated the power of today's web technologies into our concept. At any time of the day on the Internet, hundreds - say thousands - of companies can enjoy a global exposure and may receive instant enquiries from potential clients. Such is the power of increasing presence on the Internet. The growing competition nowadays has made it not only a wish but a necessity to build up and maintain one's 'E-Presence' on the internet.

Together with the most talented web developers, we have combined our knowledge to create an optimized Online Portal designed to help Stone Buyers and Sellers get in touch with each other, meet and do business together. Result matters that is why and we are offering a new and unique way to brand your business by providing a top notch platform and tailored-to-the-industry tools that will make a difference to YOUR business.

> We provide a BTB portal, including a Stone Directory, 24hrs/day, 365 days/ year - Free registration

> We incorporate the latest web technologies to make your business renowned worldwide.

> We currently offer the best Stone business search engine on the market enabling fast and easy search. Browse by Continent, Country, Product category, Company type or all at the same time and find exactly who or what you're looking for.

> Unprecedented user friendliness. Discover our remarkable features that will make you stand out from competition. Videos, documents, map, social networks, it's all there.

Regardless of the size of your company or your marketing budget you can now increase your visibility by creating today a detailed company profile online which will be viewed by thousands of Stone companies worldwide. Click here to join and explore new business opportunities!

Your StoneBuy&Sell Team