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Products Pool Coping, Travertine Quarry, Marble Slabs, Tiles, Travertine Slabs, Tiles
Travertine Quarry and Factory
Cemar has been mining and manufacturing the highest quality
natural stone flooring, natural stone cladding, natural stone exterior
applications, handcrafted natural stone products in Turkey.
With More than 250 employees working in our quarries, factories,
warehouses, logistic bases and offices located in Turkey.
We are fully committed to providing the highest quality products
to meet the highest expectations of our international clients. This
commitment to perfection is made possible thanks to our access
to our vast natural resources, along with a 100% customer oriented
Our Travertine quarry is located in Kula, Turkey about 130 km to
the port of Izmir. Covering an area of 98 acres, going 300 meters
deep and with a visible reserve of 250,000,000 m3 probably it’s the
biggest travertine quarry on Earth. All three main colors of global
travertine market are extracted from the same quarry:
Ivory (Extra Light) / Classic Light / Noce
Address Hamidiye Mah. Sok no 122, Kula- Manisa, Turkey
Email [email protected]
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